You’re Invited!

One of the cardinal rules for maintaining a successful blog is to blog consistently. Survey says, the only thing I have been consistent about is breaking this rule.

But that’s about to change.

Here’s why.

It just so happens that November is National Blog Posting Month (more affectionately known as NaBloPoMo) and I have decided to participate! I realize this is a pretty epic task to accept for someone whose last post was over a month ago. But here’s what I’m thinking. Maybe you could come along with me on this journey and help me out a little. Accountability, after all, is clearly what I am in desperate need of.

So here’s what I am proposing:

I have accepted the challenge of posting a blog EVERY day for the month of November. I realize this means you will be hearing from me A LOT. I’m by no means asking you to read EVERY post EVERY day but if you could occasionally check in and see how I’m doing and give me some feedback in the comments section, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

I think it will be fun and I’m SUPER excited about it!

So what do you say?

You in?


It’s gonna be GREAT!


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