Much Ado About…Who?

Don’t get hung up on the spelling of my name. It’s not that complicated, truthfully, so don’t over think it. Just imagine squashing Melissa and Michelle together and what you come up with is “Melle”. Disregard the clever spelling and simply say it as it is: Mel.

My vital statistics include being the mother of three AMAZING boys, the daughter of the most FABULOUS mother on the planet, cultivating the most WONDERFUL friends on earth and having the BEST boyfriend EVER. Let’s be honest, I’m livin’ the dream, right?

Originally from the state of California, (I have to clarify this because there is a California, Missouri, I kid you not) I now reside smack dab in the middle of the Grand Ole US of A. After my divorce eight years ago, the natives stopped demanding to see my passport and granted me citizenship. It was the least they could do after nearly two decades of watching me trying to blend in. Coming to terms with the fact that I am never moving home (to the state of California) I have instead decided to take the Bloom-Where-You-Are-Planted approach to life and make the most of it.

At least that is the plan.

The problem of course being that I’m not much of a planner.

So there you have it.

7 thoughts on “Much Ado About…Who?

  1. Wonderful ABOUT post, Melle. I too am a former California native, now happily living in the panhandle of Idaho. And I used to wear a “Bloom Where You’re Planted” (ME) baseball cap when my daughter was small and I was in the middle of writing in my journal (the old-fashioned kind). She knew that if she woke up and my cap was on, she had to wait to talk to me so I could finish my thoughts. I love your writing. Keep Fear locked out.

  2. Agreed, nice “About” post. And as for the “don’t get hung up on the spelling” angle, I know all about that special treat in life. With a last name like mine, I’ve had my share of confused people not even trying to get it right. The most common attempt? “Luh-go-see”, as in Lugosi, as in Bela. Yes, that’s right, telemarketer person, I’m a descendant of Bela Lugosi. And if you think HE was creepy in his movies, just wait until the next time you call me again in the middle of dinner… 😉

  3. I am very delighted to find your blog, especially as you have most kindly become my official 300th follow on La vie est trop courte pour boir du mauvais vin! Hope you have a wonderful week and that I see you again in the blogosphere. Meilleurs voeux from Western Australia! 🙂

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